Rifugio Bietti Buzzi | Rifugio Bietti Buzzi
Rifugio CAI, Grigna Settentrionale, Lago di Como, Sasso cavallo, CAI Grigne, Marco Madama
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in the heart of the Northern Grigna

a hut with lake specialties

Northern Grigna

Rifugio Bietti Buzzi, which is nestled in the hollow Conca del Releccio in the heart of the Northern Grigna, belongs to the CAI alpine association of Mandello del Lario. It is the point of departure for ascents of different levels of difficulty, both summer and winter mountaineering routes, which lead to the summit Grignone.

There are a number of historic climbing routes like those on Sasso Cavallo and Sasso dei Carbonari, but also the crags on the Piancaformia Ridge, just opened and bolted by young mountaineers! For those less daring who have no inclination to explore the trails in the Grigne, Rifugio Bietti Buzzi is the perfect vantage point for observing the wildlife that regularly appears around the hut: roe deer, chamois and black grouse. (Header photo: Marzio Sambruni)

The Bietti Buzzi Team

Since 2015 Marco Madama and his team have been running the historic mountain hut Rifugio Bietti Buzzi and offering delicious traditional lake dishes.

The mountain hut has a bar, spacious dining room, bedrooms and bathroom, where guests can relax and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings and the stunning view of Lake Como and the wide arc of the Alps from Monviso to the Bernese Highlands.

Lake Specialities and Traditional Dishes

The kitchen offers a wide selection of typical lake dishes prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Just what you need after a busy day hiking or climbing.
Our cellar is stocked with local cheeses and cured meats and good wine to go with it, and of course, to wind up, cakes, tarts and a shot of genepì liqueur.